what to do at the gym other than exercise

The gym, it can be a pivotal key to your wellness, not only for your body but most definitely your mind too. That said, gyms can also be pretty  intimidating places, especially if it is something new to you or you are a new Mum just making friends with your new body.

If this overwhelm or lack of confidence is something you struggle with, then maybe a bit of multi tasking maybe just what you need to get you over the gym barrier. By that I mean, change your focus. Forget focussing on the lack of confidence or whatever else it may be and start well....chillin and getting in the kid free zone, now that is something to focus on.

With almost all gyms now providing either complimentary Wifi or fitness equipment with installed monitors, there is no end to what you can do at the gym.

Here are my top 3 awesome activities to do at the gym, other than exercise... of course!


I am now officially old now! No, but seriously, podcasts are AWESOME and can put you in the best frame of mind. The app is free.

If you are not familiar with the land of podcasts, they are prerecorded digital audio that you can listen to on demand, and they can be seriously inspiring, or just plain fun.

Download the app and have a search on those topics you have been trying to find out more about but just haven’t managed to find the time for. There are heaps on there, from personal development to marketing to history and finance to comedy. Personally I am a bit of a personal development junkie and love the Tim Ferris Show, but there are literally millions to chose from.

Each podcast clearly states how long it is, so you can filter out what you do and don't have time for. What's more speeding the podcasts up can really help you feel productive, depending on the speed of the chat. Personally I love listening at 1.5 the norm, it makes me run faster!

If you still can't find anything you like, check out the podcast reviews online or ask for a recommendation on your social media platforms.


Youtube has come a long way since its first beginnings. This is a humongous platform allowing you to learn pretty much anything. As a Mum, particularly a new Mum, it can sometimes be a little disempowering in the brain development area. You feel like all you do is change nappies, feed, change more nappies. For me, I found this a big adjustment and actually being able to learn through not only you tube but other methods, allowed me to feel my mental state was limited to more than changing and feeding. 


Ok, it might not sound feasible, or even possible, but personally I have done it, for certain things of course. I find the best place to get some work in is in the stretch area. 

Unless you are really focussing hardcore on your flexibility, most stretches require little work, just time. This can be pretty boring, and a bit of a zap of your time (it totally is for me). Kill two birds with one stone and bulk your mundane to moderately challenging work into your stretch time. This work doesn't generally need too much concentration, yet it still needs to be done. 

This can be as simple as sorting your email, to reading the boring emails sent by HR on policy, jobs that you really don't like, nor do they require too much action. Do them now and increase your flexibility at the same time. If your work load is like mine, you will be doing the splits in no time!

And above all,  you could just focus on the exercise you are doing, or just enjoy the me time focussing on you and only you!

Tell me, what do you do at the gym, other than exercise of course?

Yours in wellness

Sabina xoxo


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