something is better than nothing

Ok that title may be slightly misleading, for some of us, focussing on the huffing and puffing of exercise can be less than…..exciting, especially when you are new to the gym. What's more it can be that  specific"boredom" factor that keeps many of us away from even taking the first step into the gym.

The good news is it doesn’t and shouldn’t be like that. Your first introduction to the gym is by far the most difficult, so why not soften the blow by adding an activity that you already enjoy to your workout, such as perusing  your iPad or watching TV, adding an added incentive to get your booty to the gym and get back into shape. 

This added distraction is not ideal, but for some of us, it is the necessary or even essential push we need to get us moving toward a healthier and happier us. Use this to your advantage and with practice (and repetition and habit) you will start to actually enjoy the endorphin rush of your work out and maybe even give up on having the added entertainment, who knows!

1. YouTube Motivation

This is my fave, especially when I am really not in the mood for a sprint or interval training.
It definitely isnt everyones cup of tea, but for me, listening to individuals who are kicking ass at their goals really spurs me on to go faster and harder. Call it my motivational speakers!

 What’s more, is by the time I reach 3 or 4 kilometres my endorphins have kicked in and I actually am enjoying working out, rather than painfully trying to talk myself out of it.

Type in motivation in youtube and see what you get. Some of it is quite testosterone based, “You can do it” and all that, but if it works who cares.

2. Movies | TV Shows

I am not a huge TV person, but for some of you this is the perfect answer to getting in shape whilst catching up on your favourite TV shows. Most modern cardio equipment has an entertainment system of some kind hooked up to it. It may be a communal TV which offers you a little less freedom, but many have their own personal entertainment centres. Failing that grab your ipad or phone and jump on the gym's wifi

If you are looking to join a gym in the new year this is may be a significant consideration, particularly if you are a little unsure about the whole “gym” environment. 

3. Pinterest

A hive of inspiration for everything. You could be redesigning your kitchen, looking for activities for the kids or even just some inspiration to get you back to your size 12. Pinterest is a rabbit hole and is slightly addictive, so using it to get your mind of the “discomfort” of working out may help.

4. Music

This never gets old and I am not talking about nursery rhymes and the wiggles. Match your music to what you are doing and  you will set the tone for an awesome and energetic  workout .  For most of us quality pumping music on your headphones is a sure fire way to get your mind on something other than how much your legs are aching. Or perhaps a ballad or even classical music to stretch to, it can even act as a form of meditation for you to drift off to rather than you thinking of what is next on your home to do list.

of course, increased energy, vitality, clearer skin, more confidence, increased self esteem, better sex life, weight loss........ etc. etc.etc.
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5. Learn

I use the gym a lot to do my learning.  Learning is such an important part of our wellbeing and personal growth, something that often suffers when we are in the business of Motherhood.

We seem to restrict our learning to topics that we need to know about,  rather than what we actually want to know and consequently forget the a massive impact that learning has on our mental health, self esteem and overall wellbeing.

There are lots of ways to learn, from audiobooks to teachable courses to simple 10 minute youtube videos on photoshop. What’s more by incorporating learning into your workout you are exercising both your mind and body, the essence of wellbeing. 

6. Podcasts

I am now officially old, and I actually enjoy listing to the radio for info and not just music arrgggghhh. 

Podcasts are a great way to broaden your knowledge. Download the app on your device and have a search on those topics you have been trying to find out more about but just haven’t managed to find the time for. There are heaps on there, from personal development to marketing to history and finance. 

Each podcast clearly states how long it is, so you can filter out what you do and don't have time for. If you still cant find anything you like, check out the podcast reviews on line and delve into some of those!!

7. Work

Ok this is not something I advocate, but if you can justify an hour at the gym by answering emails and reviewing spreadsheets then so be it. It will not only get you out of the office into a different environment but it will get you to move and literally wake up your brain with the endorphin and increased blood flow, increasing overall productivity!! Tell your boss that!

For some of us this isn't a possibility, we need full concentration, but for others then.... why not.

To conclude

So there you have it, hardly an exhaustive list, but it may get your juices flowing and inspire you to think of something else that may incentify getting to the gym, other than of course, increased energy, vitality, clearer skin, more confidence, increased self esteem, better sex life, weight loss........ etc. etc.etc.

Whilst I don't think this is the most focussed or motivating thing to do whilst working out, it is better than nothing. And if you can master the ability to set the pace at a challenging intensity, then it may definitely work for you. A great way to ensure you are still challenging yourself whilst being entertained, is to make sure you would not be able to hold a conversation, that is, you are challenging you're breathing. Maintain this effort and you are onto a winner

If you are lacking push to get moving, then why not adopt these tips, at least in the beginning when you are just beginning to rewire your thinking. 

So tell me, what gets you motivated to go to the gym? …other than exercise of course! Great showers and hairstyling equipment  not included!!!

Yours in wellness