high intensity training for weight loss

I have no time!!! I hear you loud and clear sister!!

I too have no time, and I would bet my last dollar that over 90% of Mums are echoing our thoughts. But the sad and pitiful truth is out of the 1440 minutes in a day we can all find 10 or 15 minutes to look after the body and health we have been given, we actually owe it to ourselves. We need to stop this or the consequences or bad health are pretty severe.

We all have time for what we call our priorities, and if you are prioritising the Bachelorette over 15 minutes of daily (essential) exercise then you need to stop kidding yourself now. Harsh I know.

"no time" to exercise is not a valid excuse and I think we all have to stop using it. 

Harsh, I know, but there are very, very few of us who really had not time to exercise, and you my darling are not one of them. How do I know this? Well, #1 you are finding the time to read this article, to which I say thank you and #2 time is not the ellusive critical factor we like to think it is when it comes to exercise. I am being honest.

Health and fitness is as essential in life as breathing air, yet time and time again (pardon the pun) we say we don't have the time in our busy schedule to squeeze it in. To which I call bullshit! Cue the haters!

Interval training  also knows as Fartlek (yes FART lek) or HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), has been on the fitness circuit for a long time. It goes in and out of fashion, but from a time poor Mum's point of view, it needs to stay in. 

HIIT is literally the double espresso of fitness for time poor Mums, just like us.

Although there are many schools of thought, patterns and exercise techniques surrounding HIIT, it can be as uncomplicated and highly effective as you make it and for my clients and readers let us keep it simple.

HIIT is a concept which relies on you alternating your aerobic and anaerobic exercise intensity over a set period of time. That being you would first exercise moderately (at a maintainable speed and effort) and follow this with a short burst of intense exercise, you then return to your "recovery" i.e. the maintable exercise speed and effort, followed by the intense workout and so on. There are a few things you can use to measure your effort levels, but i find the best that allows for you and your body is Rate of Perceived Exertion​ or RPE. But remember not to get complacent. You are doing this workout for a reason, to work out. If you are not sure if you are pushing yourself enough, try to talk, if you can, you need to go much harder!!

For example, you would may start off jogging for 1 minute, then sprint for 1 minute, followed by a jog (as before for a minute) and then a repeat sprint for perhaps 10 to 15 minutes or even less. Basically alternating the intensity of the exercise on your body. 

The beauty of this exercise itself can vary, from running to cycling, to swimming to even walking.

The exercise itself is very time efficient and you can get a really intense workout in a small space of time. 

But does it actually do any good?

This approach to exercise can be lifechanging. Not only has it been proven that this quality of exercise can boost weight and fat loss whilst exercising,  but it also contributes to something called the afterburn effect. Put simply, HIIT can help your body actually continue to burn fat and torch calories up to 8 hours after the exercise. Of course the benefits are not limited to weight loss. Further studies show, that sedentary individuals with little to no experience in exercise can benefit from this type of exercise in a gentler way and reap rewards in increased cardiovascular health.

So how does this apply to Me?

Easy, if time is a restriction to you and your health and exercise, then slot just 15 minutes of HIIT in 3 -5 days a week. 

No matter how active or inactive you are you can apply this to some kind of exercise, that is the beauty of it. 

Find an exercise that you enjoy, maybe running or walking or swimming and apply the following method to it for 15 minutes. I would suggest you do this in the morning for maximum benefit during your busy day. Refrain from this kind of exercise in the late afternoon onwards as it may disturb your ability to sleep, and us Mums definitely don't want that!

Love this or hate my voice, sorry?

 Sometimes its what we need and sometimes it isn't! I just want the very best for you lovely!

Here's a interval training program that can get you started. I suggest a bike as a great introduction to this kind of training, and remember to WARM UP AND DOWN and listen to your body!!!!

Love and wellness 



WARM UP - 3 minutes RPE 5 or 6 (as described above)






WARM DOWN - 2 Minutes RPE 5 reducing to 3


TIME = 10 minutes!!