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healthy living for Moms
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Hello, and welcome to Project Mamma!
I'm Sabina Sulovsky,

I don't know you, well not yet, but I can probably guarantee I know a lot about you. 

You're a great Mum, despite thinking you're not, and you do everything for everyone (sometimes with little thanks) yet still feel unfulfilled and horrifically selfish when you think about how you feel or look. 
You spend little time (or sometimes even money) on yourself and speak to yourself worse than you would your worst enemy. Constantly telling yourself you are not worthy, not good enough, too fat, too thick blah blah blah.......

I'm Sabina, a 41 year old personal trainer to Mums just like you. And why am I qualified to give Mothers advice, because I too am a Mum and I know how you are feeling. 
Being a Mum is f$%^&*(# HARD! It comes with zero manual on how to look after a baby and how to look after you, that is if you even dare think about yourself!
Motherhood is the most genuine, pure and authentic love you will ever have.  See this as an advantage to your wellness efforts and the very best motivation tool you will ever have.
I can't help you with being an awesome Mum, ​but I can help you with caring for your health and wellbeing, something that is key. Through nutrition and fitness you can become a healthier woman and a better Mum.

Prioritising yourself is not selfish nor indulgent, it is essential....for everyone...... and I am going to show you how simple it is to do just that and still be the awesome Mum you are.

Interested, why not join us