Customised Wellness 

No body is the same, so no wellness package should be the same. 

We are all different, responding to different foods, drinks, exercise forms totally different. That is what makes us awesome. Project Mamma celebrates that, we help you find you, through listening to your body

Body Transformation

you are desperate to be the person you are meant to be 


You clearly know you need to change, but such a big change isn't easy. We give you a detailed plan to get you on the road to success.

We STRONGLY FOCUS on your headspace, self esteem and limited beliefs. Your lifestyle may have carried you to this point but it is your head that started the process and kept you there

from $1499

Tweaks & Twists

you have the know how but need a few tweaks


There is a missing link to you acheiving your goals and you need a  bit of clarity and help to find it.

You think you are doing all the right things but something is not working for you and stopping you from achieving the superpower you know you have.

from $899

1 : 1 Consultation

1:1 time to discuss you 


This can be anything from helping you to develop the right mindset to helping you eliminate certain foods that are stunting your weight loss


Not sure what you want but would love to find out?  I Contact US I   Disclaimer 

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