how to lose weight? Mindset is everthng

Mindset is just as important as the mechanics of dieting

There is a reason why Oprah Winfrey and the likes have experienced a lifetime of weight loss struggles. They have oodles of money, trainers and chefs at they beck and call, yet their struggles with their weight is real. 

Everything begins and continues with the mind.

Everything begins, and continues with the MIND

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Does this sound familiar?

You know what to do to lose weight.

You even have a well thought out, actionable, roadmap detailing every single step of how to achieve your desired weight loss.

But you still cannot seem to connect the dots. 

You are not alone. Everyone, at some point has had this struggle. 

Personally, this was the number one game changer that transformed my relationship with my body, changing my mindset. I used to be someone who was always on a diet, I would lose the weight sure, but when I returned to my real lifestyle it all went back on again. 

I changed my perception of diet and weight loss. I started to think of weight loss being simply a result of a lifestyle change for the long term, not a short term rollercoaster. 

I went from someone who was always on a diet and didn't believe she could do it to someone who believed she could. I adopted a new mindset. 

I started to actually believe I could lose weight and that I could keep it off.  

I went as far to even trick myself that I was already there!


mindset is everything in weight loss

From today I want you to see the struggle, the negative voices and that pesky critic in your head that is telling you that you cant do it. The voice that repeats over and over to you that being heavy is a family trait , that you are heavy boned, or it is in your genes or you were made this way. The Chimp Paradox by Professor Steve Peters is great to help you do this. 

  • I have a slow metabolism
  • I don't have the time to focus on my health 
  • My family are all overweight
  • I have arthritis 
  • I am heavy boned
  • I have always been overweight
  • There is something wrong with
  • I'm too old
  • I'm too 
  • I have no motivation

Acknowledge the critic and shut it away. 


affirmations for weight loss.

Now bring out the real artillery, act as if you are already there, and reaffirm mantras daily,

  • I am the best version of myself
  • I can do whatever I put my mind to
  • I chose to be healthy
  • I am motivated for my family
  • I am the best version

Get creative. Only you know what or where you want to be in your health and wellbeing. Imagine you are there and create affirmations as if you were there already. Sounds like voodoo, but try it before you berate it.

Grab some post its. Imagine you are already at your goal. How would you feel!

change your mindset with post it notes

Speak, walk, talk, dress, basically act as if you are at your goal, and own it. Call it prep for what is to come.

This was THE game changer for me, almost all my clients and it will be for you, if you act on it.

This shift in mindset can be revolutionary, no matter where you are in your wellness journey. You cannot not ramp up your A game if you tell yourself you can do it. I challenge you!

Think of it this way, if you tell yourself you can't do something, be it a to run 5km or get promoted at work or give up the booze. What chance  are of you doing it? Next to nil right?You won't do it. Why should your mind keep pushing or motivating you when it has already been told to settle for not being able to do it?

Resp want you to pay some attention to your mindset today, and every day. Be positive and intentional about what you tell yourself and not let limiting beliefs the past direct your success. 

All of us have collected beliefs as we have grown. We are not good enough, we are too old, our genetics make us fat, we are not pretty enough and it goes on. These beliefs have been ingrained in our brain for so long, that we subconsciously let them sway our moves. Take control of your thoughts and steer them in the direction you want.  

Start rewiring your brain with the beliefs that you actually want. Imagine you can run for the bus without catching your breath, wear a swimsuit confidently or play with the kids at the pool without worrying about the size of your bum (as beautiful as it is).

You control your destiny. Find that dream you, and believe you are already there.

Step 1

Recall your accomplishments, daily!

 In your journal jot down 3 things in your life you have accomplished and are proud of.
  1. ______________________________
  2. ______________________________
  3. ______________________________
Now use these to back up and reiterate that you are very, very capable of achieving anything, wellness or weight goals or otherwise. 

Step 2

Pick a Mantra. 

Pick a statement that (if you truly believed it, would solve your body, wellbeing issues ). Ideally 3, but at least 1.Think of it as a dream state and say it as if you are already there
  1. I love my body
  2. I can do this
  3. I love feeling confident
  4. I am enough
Now, repeat it daily, thrice daily whenever you find negative your thoughts or that inner self critic coming to play. 

Step 3

Take action. 

Feed yourself positivity + confidence.

These traits are not innate, they have to be learnt, and in order to teach them, you must well learn. Grab some self help books or read positivity blogs or inspirational stories. Anything by Brene Brown is awesome. The Gift Of Imperfection is a personal fave!

Have a look at reviews for self improvement books. List what you want to improve in your journal, ie how to love yourself or be confident or how to be social, and google it. In this day and age, it can be as simple as that, take advantage of it

I am going to leave you there. 

What I want you to know, that the reason why many of the rich and famous all have struggles with weight, wellbeing and self love, is nothing to do with having a personal chef, wellness coach and pt at their beck and call. It is their headspace that calls the shots.

Make sure your head is calling the right shots.

Love in Motherhood + wellness