Is mindfulness all that is holding you back from your weightloss goals?

For 99% of us, it is.

Eating for comfort, loneliness, depression, bereavement all begins with the mind.

For this reason the healing must begin here first.

Being mindful is something that is relatively new to me. 

Despite dipping into mediation during those relaxing yoga sutras, I never thought of myself as one of those people who enjoys being in his or her mind. 

"I'm a people person, I don't like my own company" would be my prepared retort if I was asked to a zen meditation class or such like. I wanted movement, to burn energy.

When I met my husband a shift began. To be mentally and physically strong, you need balance. I coiffed at that. But the seed was planted and it is slowly growing more and more, and I actually like it. In fact I would boldly say I love it. 

So what is the importance of this post?

To encourage you to discover and connect with yourself. Don't feel foolish or embarrassed. Be strong enough to properly see who you are and what your surroundings really are. 


Because we fail to acknowledge the one thing that keeps us being us, what directs us, creates our habits and focus.

Our wellbeing success lies in our ability to connect with our mind. Then we will see real and lasting change.

We are so busy being 'busy' that we have forgotten to observe things that actually count, not the number of Facebook likes or Instagram followers you have, but how it feels to have freedom, to taste our food, breath deeply or really enjoy that glass of merlot without any distraction.

When you gift yourself this time, then you can look deeper at everything and things will start to make sense and fall into place.

Why do you overeat?
Why do talk so cruelly to yourself?
Why can't you stop at 2 glasses of wine?
What is stopping you from going for the job?
Why do you shout at the kids so much?

And inevitably decide the roadmap going forward to a better self.

When we marry mind, body and soul, then we will begin to find balance and lasting wellness. 

You have every reason to be mindful.

Treat mindfulness as therapy for your soul. Just as what you eat and exercise is important, without the mind wellness is incomplete.

Now let me try to take my own advice!!

Good luck. Yours in wellness. 

Sabina xo