"Good morning"!

Up until the birth of my first son, "Good Morning" was a term reserved for after 8am, 8.30 even. 

Uttered to my flatmate, now husband as I ran out the door, I would literally run to the train and run to the office.

My morning was awful; it was rushed, panicked and not surprisingly manic and unprepared. Needless to say I  arrived at work, rushed, sweaty and often quite sheepish about being late....again.

I assumed this "morning routine" was just who I was.

I had never been a morning person as a child or an adult, so obviously it was just in my DNA. I was obvoiusly  programmed to be rushed, panicked and generally late and consequently always apologising for my tardiness. 

This assumption of let's say "helplessness" on my part (I mean it was genetic right?), was something I expected to happen for the rest of my life. It allowed me to basically relinquish all responsibility and just allow myself to be well "me". I was not a morning person, some people are and some people aren't and I accepted that. 

Well as much as those assumptions gave me a license to be helpless and a victim of my genetic makeup (ok maybe not genetics, but you know what I mean), it was also absolute and utter bullshit. What's more my ability to label myself as not being a "morning person" further strengthened  the idea, and confirmed it even more.

The fact is that this is not unusual for us as humans. Making changes, any changes, is inevitably met with some resistance. We all make excuses for ourselves to some degree, it makes us feel better to actually feel less in control sometimes!

"I'm big boned, my family are all big, I am a big eater, I can't live without bread".... the list goes on and I think most of us have done it, especially me!

I definitely have, not just with my acceptance of being a "late" riser,  but also with food, alcohol and my beloved jelly sweets!! Yuk.

But as with anything and everything. If you tell yourself something enough, you will  believe it. What's more, it is these belief systems which we create (subconsciously)  that end up directing huge chunks of our precious life, such as weight loss, exercise and in this case early mornings.  

The reality is this,  as with everything, what we tell ourselves consistently we eventually will believe, be it true or, in many the case not! 

The reality is this,  as with everything, what we tell ourselves consistently we eventually will believe, be it true or in this case not! 
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So aside from the rant. What can we do about it, or should I say what did I do about it. 

I changed. 

I had been selling myself a lie and I had to come face to face with it and accept that it was a lie. Being a "Morning Person" is not an elusive club or a gang that nature  hands down to you when you are born. It is a "learnt behaviour", much like any other behaviour that we tell ourselves is ingrained. And just as it is learnt it can be unlearnt. 

So did I eat my words and change to the infamous "morning person"? ....

I did!

I wake up in the morning now (Monday to Friday)  before 5am. My idea morning time to wake is 4.30 but it is always before 5. Is it easy? Never. But it is so worth it.

how to wake up early in 5 simple steps

I can achieve so much more in those hours than I can in the bulk of the day and I am not lying. That said, what I do is not work, at least for money. All I do is work on me. 

Yes, it is totally indulgent and self centred and I couldnt care less. If I can get my arse out of the bed at 4.30 every morning I am going to damn well decide how I use that time. Personally, I use it to improve me. I know that working on myself is the most direct way to improve not only my quality of life but that of my family. 

If I am able to work on myself then I find I am more patient and less anxious, something that is essential with my 2 boys, God I love them. 

Getting up this early allows me to be the best Mum I can and that is all I can really hope for.  What's more, teaching my kids that working on yourself is an essential part of life is a life skill that should not be skipped, and what better way to teach them than by example. 

Now, before you start getting anxious about waking up at stupid o clock like me, (it still sounds creepy to me sometimes). Don't. 

We are all individual. 

Honour and respect that in all that you do, diet, fitness and indeed waking up in the morning. That said, don't be a slacker and start giving yourself excuses (I refer to the above).

If you are struggling to find time for you, to be patient with every day life and those beautiful mini me's, then waking up early will, I promise, give you some of the freedom your body and mind are craving. Change your beliefs to "I can" and you really can.

I never, ever thought I would wake up early, neither did my husband or my parents!! But by simply changing my belief that I could do it, that it was within my reach I got there. I know wholeheartedly you can do the same.

Yours in wellness and with love