how to exercise when you have no time

Did you ever imagine being a mum to be so...... time consuming​?

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Ok, I know I might sound like a bit of an idiot, but I didn't. I thought that navigating motherhood would still allow for a bit of "me" time to do things like exercise. 

Of course Motherhood changed my opinion on all that immediately. Us Mums are too busy planning and organising everyone else's me time and exercise plans to give our own a second thought. Most kids have an exercise regime that you could only dream (or have a nightmare about)!

There is the soccer, the swimming lessons, the gymnastics, rock climbing. 

Us Mums are so concerned about their fitness and wellness that the idea of spending 5 minutes on your own wellbeing fills you with mummy guilt quicker than you can say soccer practice. 

Although I cannot change your commitment to your kids health and fitness, nor would I want to. I do however have a few tips on how you can give your own fitness a bit of love and TLC, and still maintain your Uber driver commitments. 

1. Get up earlier than normal

This is such simple tweak, but it is huge. So much so, it has the potential to quite literally change your body. All by simple exercising for 15 minutes in the day. 

Getting up early in the morning  need not be so difficult. Especially if it is only  by an extra 15 minutes. 

We all have 1440 minutes in the day, all of us. If you can reclaim just 15 of those from your sleep time, you can add a fat burning workout to your day and what isn't there to love about that! Fat burning from only 15 minutes of hard work. 

 I recommend High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) , or Fartlek as it is sometimes called. This is the bomb when it comes to burning fat. This being due to HIIT resulting in something called the Afterburn. This afterburn causes your body to not only increase fat burning during the exercise, but to continue burning fat long after the exercise has stopped. Allowing you to keep your body in a fat buring mode, despite you doing bugger all. Not to be sniffed at. 

2. Adopt An Active Lunch Hour

Being a Mum many of us opt to skip a proper lunch break in favour of getting more work done. But if you can swing it just a couple of times a week, taking a lunch break can be a time efficient way to add exercise to you day. 

The actual process of mindful and complete eating doesn't have to take long. And I am NOT talking about rushing it.

 Allot half of your lunch hour to eating and half to some kind of exercise.

Walking is a great exercise to incorporate in your lunch break. Do it with a friend to incorporate a social component or put on your earphones and listen to your favourite tunes or podcast. 

Alternatively, if you have access to a shower at work, squeezing in a High Intensity Training session will give you a massive wellness boost.

Both examples of exercise not only help your wellbeing and work in favour of weight loss, but studies show that exercise leads to increased productivity and focus. Allowing you to get even more work done compared to if you hadn't  exercised.

I stress however, I absolutely do not recommend eating on the run. This counterintuitive to weight loss and wellbeing as it can delay and prevent complete digestion, leading to overeating, bloating and reflux. Always opt to eat whilst sat down without distraction. 

3. Incidental Exercise

Incidental Exercise can be a saviour if you are struggling to find time to dedicate to focussed exercise or workouts. You can find lots of resources here.

Being a Mum is like being someone's carry horse or private porter, or is that just me.

Us Mums  are constantly ladened down with "stuff" from kids hanging off our appendages, to nappy bags to groceries. This exercise is not always the most healthy, primarily because we are not engaging our muscles fully, causing us our body to compensate and throwing our muscles out. Rather, contract your muscles whilst you do these kind of errands. By engaging the muscles your are using you are less likely to get referred pain in other areas, and streghtn your muscle.

A few examples of this would include carrying shopping. When carrying a shopping bag in each hand, ensure your palm is facing up to the sky, and there is a slight bend at your elbow. This turns the muscle on, protects your joints and increases the endurance and toning of those guns.

4. Engage Your Core

One of the  favourite exercises to prescribe to Mums is to implement core exercises into your every day chores.

Our core is often neglected. Yet it is the most important to keep in "shape" if you know what I mean, particularly after childbirth. Keeping those down below doesnt have to be a huge task, you can do some simple exercises daily.From sitting at your desk checking your emails, to doing the laundry or driving the kids to school. 

Engaging your core doesnt require expensive pilates or organised yoga classes, as lovely as they are. 

Simply set yourself a goal to do them daily. 

Start off by doing them once in the morning and once at night before bed. 

Start from your lower perineum, between your bum and hoo haa and contract. Zip all the muscles up from there to your belly button. Imagine you are putting on a tight pair jeans to help you. 

Pull this area in for 5 seconds and release. Do this 5 times in the morning and evening. Then increase the length as your muscles get stronger and you get more familiar with the exercise. The key is to be consistent. So set yourself a time, maybe put a reminder on your phone, to do them daily. 

Although these exercise won't give you massively visible results, you should definitely experiences a tighter and flatter tummy area and of course help with controlling the flow of urine, which can be an embarrassing and common problem for some. Just ensure you are consistent and keep increasing the challenge.

The key is to change your perspective. Being a Mum is your superpower, remember that. Use your business to fuel your wellbeing rather than hinder it.

These are just a few ways to easily fit exercise into motherhood. I hope you can use them or the very least they inspire you to think of your own ways of tightening up things to optimise your body's health.

I would love to know why you come up with.


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