best foods to eat to lose weight

To lose weight you must eat food! But what are the best foods to eat for weight loss? 

Whilst it is dependent on the individual, there are some common foods to eat to lose weight. And what's more, they are all pretty tasty, easy to prep and cheap as chips!

Whilst your body's response to certain food is very individual, there are some common foods that often promote weight loss. 

These foods work on several levels, from helping you to increase your muscle mass (the more muscle you have, the more fuel you burn) to directly increasing your metabolic rate, both at rest and whilst active to helping eliminate fat promoting toxins from your body. The overhaul result is fat loss. 


Here are 5 foods I prescribe to my coaching clients to lose weight. These foods work by actually fuelling the fat burning process. 

If you eat these foods, in the correct combination and with proper strategy, you will lose weight. 

1. Eggs

One of the best foods for weight loss is eggs.

Eggs are a superfood when it comes to weight loss. Not only are they a great source of high quality protein, that will promote weight loss and increase your metabolism, but they are they chock full of vitamins and minerals to support your general wellbeing. 

For a while eggs, had a bad reputation. This was due to the yolk and its cholesterol content. Yes, the yolk does contain cholesterol, but it is worth noting that your body's storage of cholesterol is not that simple as eating a few eggs.

Focus on the huge benefits to your wellbeing and weight loss. 

Studies show that individuals who eat a breakfast of eggs experience increased weight loss, reduced waist circumference and a reduction in overall body fat  compared to those who eat a carbohydrate rich breakfast. 

Eating 2 - 6 whole eggs per week is something I encourage. If you want to eat more then do so with caution.  As a huge egg lover I make a habit of getting my cholesterol checked regularly. I also recommend eating just protein rich egg white rather than with the yolk which is where the fat (cholesterol component it).

I strongly recommend choosing free range, organic or biodynamic eggs. They are pricier, but they are a better quality, and I am not joking. Caged eggs are often fed growth promoting nasties. These are of course not good for the poor chicken, but can you imagine what they are doing to you?

how to lose weight with a high protein diet

2. Fish Oil

Oily fish is one of the best foods for weight loss you can eat. That said, many of us, are either not partial to oily fish or just don't get to eat it or enough of it at least. 

Taking fish oil is a good alternative. The fish oil in fish promotes weight loss on several ??????. Not only does it help you actually increase the amount of calories and fat you use when exercising and increase muscle mass. Evidence suggests that fish oil enhances weight loss by enhancing the effect of your workouts but also increases the speed of your metabolism when resting. 

Don't worry,  if you are not someone who works out, you can still acquire lots of benefits of fish oil. Like many other healthy fats, fish oil helps to reduce appetite and keep you fuller and more satisfied, for longer, regardless of your activity levels. 

A big win when you are trying to control your weight through portion size. 

If you have ever been on any of our diet programs  you will be familiar with fish oil.

If you haven't been on any of the diet plans we offer,  simply start by taking 1 fish oil capsule every morning before breakfast. We suggest you swallow them with warm to hot water to activate the fats immediately. Start by taking a daily dose of just 1 x 100mg for a week and then increase your daily dose till you get to the required amount. 

Please note, if you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant, you must speak to your health professional first. Also, if you are on blood thinning medication, also speak to your doctor first. 

fish oil is one of the best foods to lose weight

2. Tuna

How can you go past tuna as one of the best foods to eat for weight loss?

You can't. 

Tuna is one of the best foods to eat due to it's protein and diversity. Protein is the building bricks of many parts of our body. From our muscles to our hair and nails. It is also a source of energy when carbohydrates are limited. It is more difficult to extract the fuel from protein, making your body actually work harder and slower to get it, another big win.  This leads to increased satiety.

Tuna is so diverse, is that the right word? I mean, you can do anything with it. Use it as a sandwich filling, in pasta sauces, tuna steaks, tartare or as sashimi, my fave! 

Ensure you only purchase Tuna (or any fish for that matter that has been sustainably fished. Here is Australia clear MSC labelling gives us the opportunity to conserve fish stocks whilst still eating such healthy fish.

Additional to the tuna being sustainably sourced, ensure it is in spring water rather than oil. Although olive oil is beneficial the quality of the oil that fish is preserved in can be uncontrolled.  Tuna packed in brine, is not so bad. That said, brine is effectively water with salt in it. This added salt can give you bloating and discomfort. If you need salt add your own vegetable sea salt, such as Vogels Herbamare to boost flavour. 

4. Green Tea

Green tea has been drank for thousands of years based on it's awesome benefits, weight loss being one of them. 

Green tea helps you to lose weight due to several ingredients. The most obvious of course is caffeine. That said, the main reason for the weight loss effects of green tea is the presence of a group of antioxidants called catechins

Studies show that catechins help the body lose weight in several ways. These include mobilising fat cells so they can be eliminated, increasing calorific expenditure during exercise and at rest, preventing overeating and reducing belly fat. 

For this reason you can find green tea and the associated components  it in many fat loss products and commercial proteins. However I wouldn't recommend them. These products are heavily processed with an array of unpronounceable ingredients in them. (TIP always see a red flag when you can't pronounce an ingredient)

Save your hard earned cash and purchase actual green tea from your health food shop or supermarket chain. The leaves are best, but tea bags are so convenient, whatever works for you.  Again, rather opt for the organic and less processed tea bags, ideally with a bag that is not bleached.

Aim for 2 - 3 cups per day, before 1 pm.  You can have it later of course, but as always, this is individual, depending on how your body reacts to having caffeine so late on. 

the best foods for weight loss include green tea

5. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has a whole best of benefits, including the added bonus of helping you lose weight, if taken regularly. 

Apple cider vinegar or ACV as it is often referred to, has so many weight loss benefits.  These include reducing how and where we store fat. Studies show that the acetic acid of the vinegar reduces fat storage around the belly, it also increases the speed at which we burn fat, ie it increases our metabolic rate and it has been shown to suppress the appetite and thus preventing over consumption. 

There are now ACV capsules, however I prefer to take the strong stuff. 

Start by taking a small amount of it when you wake up. The acidity is great for stimulating the liver and switching the body on after a sleep. The taste is bitter. Take it with some warm water and / or honey or as a shot. 

Wescobee are a Perth brand and sell an organic apple cider vinegar in most supermarkets. It tends to be more palatable. 

Remember to be persistent with taking on the apple cider vinegar habit. It will take a good few tries to get used to it but the major health benefits are well worth it. 

apple cider vinegar for weight loss

These are very simple, but are some of the best foods for weight loss. 

All foods elicit a response of some kind. These foods have a tendency to help you lose weight and promote metabolism. 

Incorporating them into your day need not be difficult. In fact when you get in to the habit, you can take it as putting your fat burning and weight loss on autopilot. 

Best of luck