boost your health today

We have all been there. You are desperate to make a change in your health but don't know where to start. I mean, sure you need to stop eating junk food, and drinking so much wine and diet coke and eating lollies at 3 o clock but........It is just soooo overwhelming! 

I hear you, loud and clear. I have been there so many times, and it can be mentally draining and even painful. Leading you to reach for a glass of white wine and a big slab of dairy milk. 

It all starts with being yourself. Making big shifts to your health and wellbeing requires big shifts in your lifestyle, but not everyone has the energy to make those changes all at once. 

Start small and simple with these tiny changes to get you on your road to a healthier and happier you, and when they become second nature to you, take on some more challenges and crush them too and so on, until you get to where you want to be.

Sounds simple, I wouldn't tell you if it wasn't!

Take 1, if not all of these suggestions and start to introduce them into your day with impressive results to how you feel about you.

1. Drinking 500mls More Water a Day!

You will be visiting the loo a bit more, but that is what you want.

To get rid of as much junk in your body as possible. If it can't come out in your wee the toxins will find somewhere else to raise their ugly head. Pimples, urinary infections, headaches and bad mood can all be attributed to lack of fluid. 

2. Exercise For 10 Minutes After You Wake and Before Bed

Focus on gentle exercise in the evening that doesn't increase your rate rate too much and prevent sleep. We all need Zzzz's

I don't care what you say, we can all (give or take an unlucky few) find 10 minutes twice a day. 

I suggest cardio followed by stretching in the morning. This is great for waking up the body and mind and then stretching to encourage your body to get rid of the toxins. 

In the evening focus more on stretching and core exercises. 

Night time is a great time to do core exercises, not only do they give you a nice taut tummy feeling in the morning, but they get adequate rest immediately after their work to help them strengthen whilst you sleep. 

Adding stretching to your evening workout helps eliminate the toxins that have built up during your busy day. Aiding sleep and discomfort.

This doesn't have to be anything OTT and can be done at home. I get out of the house personally, the likelihood of the kids waking actually scares distracts me from focusing. Fear!!

Try doing one of these exercises for 10 minutes in the morning only!

      - Jumping Rope
      - Running up and down stairs
      - Dancing to your fave song 
      - Circuit - jumping jacks + skipping + push ups + squats

3. Going to bed 20 Minutes Earlier to Rise 20 minutes Earlier

If you can do this your body will love you for it, not to mention your mind.

This is a difficult habit to tackle, but once you change your mindset and discover the impact it can have on your not only your weight loss and energy levels you will be even more motivated to adopt it.

What's more studies show that sleep is a huge factor when it comes to fat loss and weight loss. 

4. Eliminate Soft Drinks 

We all too often forget about the impact of drinks on our health. Sure we consider alcohol but when was the last time you sat down and thought about the other drinks you are consuming regularly. 

Soft drinks are poison, both the diet and non diet variety. They are filled with nasties that play havoc with our gut, bone health and mental health. Giving these up is not easy, they are often tightly connected to our daily activities, but if can make one lifestyle change then try do this. 

5. Meditate

Meditation =  nourishment for your brain

Meditation is gold. Many of us neglect it, it all sounds a bit hocus pocus and I used to think that too. But don't think of it as just sitting cross legged under a tree. Your style of "mediation" could be something a little different and that is personal to you. 

Just sitting, breathing, praying or journalling, some kind of relaxation where you are aware of you. Focus on breath or a piece of music or write a gratitude journal.

Think of it as nourishment for your brain, to clear all the negative stuff that is clogging and busying your mind.

It sounds bizarre but if you are struggling to find stillness in your mind like I do (especially with kids and work), then give it a try.

To Finish

I suggest you do at least 2 of these points, all of them would be awesome but it sort of neglects the point of wellness overwhelm. 

When you have mastered one, take another and watch as your wellness takes shape. 

Wellness does not have to be something ruthless and harsh. Embracing a few simple changes to your wellness can have the most positive effect. 

The very best of luck, and if you have any questions, just comment below or email me

xx S