So what even is a Wellbeing and Lifestyle Coach?  (sounds very airy fairy doesnt it?)

Don't stress, it's not, in fact far from it!

A wellness coach is your own personal health and wellbeing trainer, think Personal Trainer meets Diet guru meets Lifestyle counsellor.  A BFF with health benefits! As your coach and a Mother a will provide you with tools you can implement into your daily life simply and with lifechanging effects.

Having someone basically take care of you and provide you with the tips and tricks for your peak lifestyle is liberating. 

No more, thinking about acting on your health, being overwhelmed and confused by the torrent of advice around. Using tried and tested concepts I tell you what and how to do it in order to get where you want to go. It is that simple. 

I create a health and lifestyle program after careful and detailed assesment of your current lifestyle considering your:

  • Blood Group
  • Trigger Foods
  • Trigger Emotions
  • Routines and Rituals
  • Values
  • Personality
  • Behaviours
  • Self Talk
  • Vulnerabilities (we all have them, you just have to prepare)
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Stressors (and how you manage them)
  • Habits

  • and that is before we get on to the physical stuff.

    I will empower YOU to find the missing link that has been stopping you from living your healthiest life and never, ever look back!


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