There is no bigger "KICK UP THE ARSE" to get your wellbeing into gear than MOTHERHOOD

Your kids are relying on you, so you can look after them. 

Use that to your advantage +  be your  healthiest yet + a role model you can be proud of

Everything starts with your health. How you play with your kids, your relationship with your partner to your productivity at work. 

Sadly, many of us are struggling to find it, through lack of time, money, know how and general overwhelm.

I want you to learn from my mistakes, and discover the tips + strategies that make managing your wellbeing a cinch!


Just simple tried + tested advice from 1 Mother trying to be her best to another. Enjoy Project Mamma.

what our amazing clients say.......

With over 20 years in the fitness industry, a honours in Human Physiology and now a Mother. Sabina marries it all together to make perfect sense and most importantly results"

I think you are amazing! I've had ignorant doctors and looked through so many websites and you figured it all out for me, I'm so happy!

Narelle Brown, Graphic Designer + Mamma to 1

As soon as I met Sabina, she had a smile from ear to ear and she was so positive and willing to help me.
She always encouraged me and made my health journey as healthy as possible.
I wouldn't want anyone else to help me, she is so understanding. It was because of her I met my goals. 

Dee Watson, Radiologist